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Daniel Baron Bloomington, IN Job Title: School Leader

To help educators create high-functioning democratic learning communities, the Five Freedoms Project provides an actionable framework for school leadership, based on four overlapping themes. Click on each of the themes below for action steps and resources:

Religious Liberty. Speech. Press. Assembly. Petition.

Reflect. Connect. Create. Equip. Let Come.

Knowledge. Commitment. Habits. Aspirations. Actions.

Achievement. Balance. Climate. Democratic Practices. Equity.

You Be The Judge

Can a public school forbid a student from writing a research paper about Jesus?

A teacher assigned a research paper to students. Each student was to sign up for the topic of his or her choice, which then required approval of any changes. One student originally signed up for a paper about drama, but later changed her topic to "The Life of Jesus" without approval. The teacher refused to accept the paper. The student’s father brought suit against the school, claiming that his daughter's free speech rights had been infringed.

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