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Latest First Amendment News

Freedom of assembly news from the First Amendment Center online.

St. Louis police board apologizes to protesters

American Civil Liberties Union announces settlement of lawsuit brought on behalf of activists targeted before World Agricultural Forum in 2003.

N.J. city considers imposing adult curfew to curtail crime

Experts say proposed Paterson ordinance could be nation's first citywide, non-emergency curfew to include adults.

Birmingham mayor pardons civil rights protesters

But Larry Langford acknowledges few demonstrators may actually want their records expunged because many carry their misdemeanors as badges of honor.

Pelosi, Hoyer: Health-care protesters' behavior 'un-American'

White House spokesman doesn't directly respond to top House Democrats' comments, saying instead that 'spirited debate' is 'part of the American tradition.'

Study supports Central Park lawn restrictions

Civil rights, protest groups unhappy with results of independent study required under settlement of federal lawsuit.

Conservative activists say no letup for health-forum protests

Democrats, White House claim sometimes rowdy protests at town hall meetings are largely orchestrated from afar; Republican Party chairman denies charge.

Federal jury: West Point didn't violate protesters' free speech

Demonstrators' anti-war message on T-shirts wasn't main reason for expulsion from Army-Navy basketball game, jurors find.

9th Circuit dismisses lawsuit over Ore. Bush protest

However, court gives ACLU lawyers a chance to amend complaint to include evidence that would strengthen their claims that Secret Service discriminated against demonstrators.

2nd Circuit: U.S. officials mishandled exclusion of Muslim scholar

Tariq Ramadan should have had chance to show he was no supporter of terrorism before he was barred from country.

1st Circuit backs expanded buffer zones outside Mass. abortion clinics

Attorney general's office defended 2007 statute, saying it enhanced public safety and clinic access, while still guaranteeing people's right to express opinions near medical facilities.

Justices keep Mo. funeral-protest law on hold

Supreme Court refuses to hear state's appeal of 8th Circuit order that bars enforcement of statute while federal judge considers whether it is constitutional.

Christian group can't leaflet at Arab festival, federal judge rules

Lawyer for Arabic Christian Perspective says: 'It's not over'; group will seek permanent injunction against city of Dearborn, Mich.

Federal judge: Ministry can leaflet at St. Louis PrideFest

Court makes earlier order permanent; city representatives said officials had already repealed ordinance in question.

N.Y. high court strikes down city's youth curfew

Justices say Rochester's ordinance violates children's free-expression, -association rights and gives parents too little flexibility and autonomy in supervising their kids.

Colleges accused of trampling gun supporters' protest rights

FIRE says institutions nationwide have unconstitutionally barred students from handing out literature, protesting and gathering in support of right to carry weapons on campus.

Minn. man files appeal in free-speech case against National Parks

Judge did strike down one part of permit rules, saying phrase 'other public expressions of views' was unconstitutionally vague and gave officials too much discretion.